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Our Sponsorship Program

The NDIA New England Chapter is comprised of over 2,600 members from large government contractors, small businesses, service providers, universities, and nonprofit organizations. This chapter organizes and co-sponsors regional events and programs of interest to the national security community. With its unique placement in the New England innovation ecosystem, the NDIA provides a forum for information exchanges between various industries and the government.

Sponsors of the NDIA New England chapter contribute to the development and implementation of events on topics such as, DoD R&D funding for small businesses, fostering DoD/New England industry collaborations, export control, and many more. In return, Sponsors receive brand awareness and networking opportunities at the events, and on Chapter communication materials.

NDIA New England Chapter members are active. We communicate with our members through the NDIA New England website, e-mail communications, and the NDIA NE LinkedIn group. We also collaborate with a wide range of regional industry and business associations to offer NDIA NE members access to relevant and timely events.

Please direct all sponsorship inquiries to or contact Roman Hachkowski at