The National Defense Industrial Association New England is expanding the value of membership for companies and individuals who join. As the largest association in the United States with a focus on national security issues, we have unique technical, academic and service institutions in New England. With our government partners, the potential to significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of national security starts in our region.

My vision is to see the Chapter strengthen government-industry partnerships in the New England area and create a closer alignment with NDIA national HQ.

We are working on a variety of events that will cover the interests of our diverse membership, which include small and large businesses, research and academic institutions and service providers. In addition, I want to take advantage of the unique innovation ecosystem that exists in our region, by reaching out to companies and participating in events and activities that have technologies and capabilities that have not traditionally been applied within the defense industry.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 26 leaders in industry and academia who are working hard with our government liaisons to bring a variety of information exchange and education opportunities to our members. In addition we are very pleased that our board is complimented by 18 associates whose energy, talent and diversity contribute to the variety of our programs. Our goal is to expand on the programs from past years, which led to recognition as an NDIA Model Chapter for three consecutive years.

We are constantly asking what we can do for our members to earn their trust and learn how they can contribute to the greater good of the industry in New England. I look forward to working with the directors and other members to make this happen.


Clarke Orzalli