Dr. Adrian D. Stanger – Senior Cryptographic Authority, Cybersecurity Directorate, NSA

Dr. Stanger currently serves as the Cybersecurity Directorate Senior Cryptographic Authority. In this position he continues to work to anticipate and prevent cyber threats with a focus on cryptography. He works with allies and partners to ensure secure interoperable solutions are fielded, provides coordination on cryptographic topics internally and externally, and coaches and mentors security analysts.

Dr. Stanger received a Master of Science and Technical Intelligence from National Intelligence University in 2019, concentrating on information power. His academic life previous to NSA included a PhD in Mathematics from UC-Santa Barbara in 2001, and a BA in Mathematics from Weber State University in 1995.

Dr. Stanger has served in a variety of positions within C21 and its predecessors – Cryptographic Vulnerability Analyst, Technical Lead, Team Lead, Subject Matter Expert, and Division Chief. He graduated from the IDEP development program in 2007, after serving tours in Research and predecessors to Cybersecurity and Operations. Early in his career he worked half-time for one year assisting in the stand-up of a team within what is now CASA.

(Dr. Stanger has worked within the Cybersecurity Directorate (CSD) from the time he was hired, with development program tours in Research and Operations. He has been involved in several notable cryptanalysis and mitigations efforts over the years. He has been involved in cryptographic strategy for CSD for nearly a decade. He enjoys working with partners, including efforts with NIST, GCHQ, CSE, and NATO. He received a significant CNO award and was part of the team that received the team GOLDBUG award during a research Pod while in IDEP.