Keynote Speaker Brigadier General (ret) Blaine Holt

Brigadier General (ret.) Blaine HoltBrig. Gen. (retired), US Air Force, Chief Executive Officer, Alchemai

Brigadier General (ret) Blaine “Blaino” Holt’s hallmark of success is his ability to engineer radical solutions to the most daunting challenges and crises. As a tech start-up CEO, innovation thought leader, and future-focused strategist, he delivers long-term value by preparing organizations for order-of-magnitude changes on the horizon.
Not only is Blaine adept at uncovering both solutions and opportunities that others have missed, but he has a remarkable ability to foster a culture of disruptive thinking, engagement, and collaboration, inspiring stellar performance. A highly effective leader, Blaine has mentored and coached over 30 direct reports who have gone on to senior military and civilian leadership positions.
Blaine’s career trajectory has been anything but conventional.
Although he was spangled in recognition during his early military career, the true test of Blaine’s leadership and strategy formulation came during his time in the Kyrgyz Republic where, as Commander of the U.S. Air Force, he orchestrated the DoD’s most complex logistics operations under extreme socio-political strife. Leading the logistics of the “Afghan Surge” while restoring the Kyrgyz Republic to stability in the wake of a bloody revolution earned him a Bronze Star and a fellowship to the Council on Foreign Relations.
As a Military Fellow, Blaine became a strategy and innovation thought leader, traveling the world speaking about his extraordinary experience in Kyrgyzstan and participating in high-level diplomacy talks across Asia. This experience enabled him to build a solid network of the most highly regarded international relations experts while contributing to research to influence foreign policy.
Blaine, a skilled writer, and engaging speaker was then tasked with developing the communications strategies of all senior Air Force Leaders as Director of the Commander’s Action Group at the Pentagon. Recognized first and foremost for his strategic and innovative mindset and international expertise, Blaine was repeatedly tapped to provide ad hoc advice to the Secretary and Chief on defense issues of the utmost importance.
Later as one of the top ten logistics leaders in the Department of Defense, he was challenged to ensure defense operations remained unaffected by severe budget cuts. As expected, Blaine delivered. His groundbreaking cost-saving ideas combined with the strategic influence to make them happen were an overwhelming success, earning him designation as “the #1 Strategist and Innovator” by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe.
Blaine then served as the 2nd-highest ranking U.S. military official at NATO where he represented the U.S. in negotiations with the Alliance, working together with them to develop solid defense solutions during trying times of sociopolitical turmoil.
Eager to build businesses and make a civilian impact, Blaine led a turnaround at Million Air, raising $150mm to restructure and create new revenue sources. He helped get a greenfield aluminum company started in Appalachia raising $275mm for the $1.7bln project.
Today, the General is the CEO of Alchemai; a cutting-edge AI ML company focused on advance tools to repair and harden Fortune 500 supply chains. Blaine remains engaged in coaching entrepreneurs and speaks across the nation on a variety of issues. He has appeared on many major media platforms in television and radio, as well as commentary in print outlets. Two words that sum up this dynamic leader: “High Energy.”
Blaine’s passion for the liberty America was founded upon resulted in the formation of a non-profit, which seeks to educate and train Americans on the relationship between citizens and the federal government. The General is a Newsmax Contributor and a lifetime member of the Council of Foreign Relations.