NDIA New England Board Member Brian Berger

Brian Berger is a member of US Defense Industry for (39) years with a diversified track record of crafting and executing business development and strategic planning strategies for small, medium and large caliber ammunition, small caliber weapons and related enablers.

Chairman of the NDIA Small Arms Committee for (18) years.  Member for (26) years

Chairman of the NDIA Armaments Division commencing in 2019

Professional Experience:

Colt’s Manufacturing Co. (15) years.   Manager of Government Relations and US Sales – Led the Business Development effort at Colt to field the M4 Carbine to USSOCOM and DoD

SNC Technologies Corporation (10) years – VP of Business Development  Built a Team to field Simunition® Product Line to DoD and US Federal Agencies.

Established SNC Tech as a LAP Supplier to DoD for 120mm, 81mm, 60mm mortar & 105mm Illum and extruded propellant for M231A2 MAC charges

Member of the Executive Strategic Planning Team

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada (10 years)– VP/ GM Simunition® Operations

Expanded fielding of Simunition® majority US LE Agencies & Int’l Network in (50) countries

Member of the Executive Strategic Planning Team

Wilcox Industries Corp – President – (2 years)

Spearheaded Company-Wide Operations including budget ownership, facilities management and talent development, and oversight of the Sales and Marketing Organization of NVG Mounting Systems, Small Arms Fire Control Systems, Hybrid Life Support Systems and Combat Systems.

GTDS America LLC – President and CEO (2 years)

Provide Business Development Services to US and International Firms

Education:  MBA;  BA in Economics