NDIA New England Liaison Jason R. Weiss

Jason R. Weiss is the Chief Software Officer for the Department of Defense within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Chief Information Officer, Pentagon. He is responsible for driving policy and guidance for DoD digital and software modernization activities, including the Department’s DevSecOps initiatives and the DoD Software Modernization Strategy. He has an exceptional background in software engineering, cryptology, and cybersecurity dating back to his service in the US Navy as a cryptologist during the first Gulf War. Mr. Weiss is also an international lecturer on software engineering and radio frequency identification, the author of Java Cryptography Extensions, published by Morgan-Kaufmann, and co-author or contributor to several other books on distributed computing. Inventions include the patented Volume Mount Authentication endpoint security algorithm, eventually integrated into Seagate’s DriveTrust technology, and the Cloud Connected Transponder. He holds a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Intelligence (Information Warfare), and has an active Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect- Associate certification. Prior to joining the DoD, Mr. Weiss was the Vice President, IT Transformation, at BAE Systems, and Senior Vice President, Cloud Platform and Applications, at SMARTRAC N.V.